Team Bullock

Team Bullock

This year will be the second season that Team Bullock will be in Powder League. This team is a mix of professional, Division 1, Division 2, NAIA and Juco players. This team screams out toughness. They will play hard every game and are a matchup nightmare. They have potentially the quickest backcourt in the league. Expect them to come back strong this season and contend.


#22 Thomas Bullock     PG      5'9      Silver Lake

#3 Tyus Jefferson      PG      6'0      Greece Elite league

#33 Marqus Gilson      SF/PF      6'7      Georgia Superliga

#30 Colton Burgon      PF/C      6'8      Hartnell College

#8 Ray Gallegos      PG      6'2      Mexico CibaCopa

#1 Charles Nunn      PF      6'6       Big Bend

#30 Dallin Hall      PG/SG      6'4     BYU

#4 Noah Waterman     C      6'11      BYU

#11 Tyler Burgess      SG      6'0     Colorado Northwestern

#0 Vai Harris      PG      5'10      ABA