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We pride ourselves on the best possible talent the state of Utah has to offer. With that said; we will only be accepting the 8 best possible rosters submitted from April 8th - April 30th.

Season 3 location: Judge Memorial High School

What to expect:  
- 8 weeks of game starting June 8th
- 1 playoff tournament final week of July
- Exclusive sponsor gear
- Official Powder League gear (jerseys, shorts, warmup’s etc.)

If your team is one of the 8, the team captain will be notified and a team fee of $900 will be required no later than 1 week after acceptance. In the event this isn't received during that time the next team in line will take your place.

Below you will find some important requirements before submitting your registration form:
- Official Team Name
- A Head Coach
- A Team Captain
- Height & weight of players for roster sheets
- A minimum of 8 players per roster
- Where each player played high school, college and/or pro basketball

All players registering must have some form of college basketball experience

We are excited to see what you have to offer, and each of these fields will help better determine  the overall talent of all incoming players. So submit your team today to take that first step towards becoming the 2022 Powder League champions.

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